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Staff Directory

Laura Afshar, Principal
Gail Pape, Secretary


Alexis Heathcote, K
Colleen McGowen, K
Lynna Phan, K
Kristana Torreano, K/1st
Marie-Claire Lakah, 1st Grade
Mando Navarro, 1st Grade
Mari Seki, 1st/2nd Grade
Allysa Ikeda, 2nd Grade
Serelle Galant, 2nd Grade
Miki Stair, 2nd/3rd Grade
Franziska Kionke, 3rd Grade
Shannon Moran, 3rd Grade
Jennifer Sarre, 3rd Grade
Claudia Heikel, 4th Grade
Kirsten Hall, 4th Grade
Amanda Porter,4th Grade
Becky Glover 5th Grade
Alexa Sennett, 5th Grade


  District LVN
Leslie Paciski Resource Specialist
Geraldine George Paraeducator
  Special Ed Aide
Suzanne Rudoni Special Ed Aide
Brandy Fleming Library/Media
Carol Prater Chorus/Band
Doug Simon 4th/5th Band
Fallyn Smith School Counselor
Jessica Smith Occupational Therapist
Valerie Kissner Response to Intervention
Joe Griffiths School Psychologist
Elizabeth Wrotniewski Physical Education


Support Staff
Chester Marin Day Custodian
Patrick Concepcion Evening Custodian